Andromeda Botanic Gardens

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The name Andromeda is derived from the mythical Greek goddess who was chained to a rock.


Atlantis Submarine

At 65feet line, 80 tons, operating at 150feet depth, the Atlantis Submarine offers an exhilarating experience for the entire family.  On the submarine, you can see sponges, soft coral, sea fans, many species of fish and a ship wreck.

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Aerial Trek, Zip Line Adventure

Aerial Trek is located at Walkes Spring Plantation, Jack in the Box Gully Saint Thomas. The zipline tour is constructed as a course of eight platforms that are built around the canopy of trees within the gully.


Barbados Wildlife Reserve

The Barbados Wildlife Reserve is where you get the unique opportunity to stroll freely to watch the reserve’s animals at close range and in their natural environment.  This is a great Barbados attraction for the whole family, with children in particular having a wonderful time.


Crop Over Festival

This is the largest national celebration traditionally celebrated at the end of the sugar cane harvest.  It starts during the last week of May and ends in August.  Crop over brings together all of Barbados’ culture – music, food, art and craft.  The festival begins with a Ceremonial Delivery of the Last Canes and the crowing of the king and queen of the festival (male and female cane cutters of the season).  Crop Over culminates with a calypso competition, Pic-o-de-crop, a large street fair – Bridgetown Market, the culmination of the best entertainment – Cohobolopot and a parade of colour costumes and bands – Grand Kadooment.


Flower Forest

This 50 acre attraction offers an explosion of greenery and commanding vistas of the island’s stunning Scotland District.  It is considered a cross between a botanical garden and a nature trail and is home to a multitude of majestic palms, colourful shrubs and tropical flowers.


Gun Hill Signal Station

The Gun Hill Signal Station is located in the parish of Saint George.  It provides a captivating and magnificent view of the entire island.  It is the finest of a series of signal stations built in 1818.  These stations sighted ships approaching Barbados and signaled to each other in warning of the approaching vessel.  They were also used to warn of slave rebellions on the island.

The signal station was restored and landscaped by the Barbados National Trust and house a collection of military memorabilia.

The statue of the lion (depicted above) was carved out of a single piece of rock in 1868 by an officer at the signal station.


Island Safari

This a  Jeep Safari 4×4 island tour, which takes you off the beaten tracks, through gullies and many of the hidden secrets of the islands.   Along the way, the tour guides educate you in an entertaining way on the folklore, culture and history of the island.

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Harrison’s Cave

At the heart of Barbados lies one of its greatest wonders, Harrison’s Cave.  This is a massive underground cave stream system, with awesome caverns and crystallised formations.  It is Barbados’s number one attraction and is commonly referred to as the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World”.  Locate in Saint Thomas in the central uplands of the island, this breathtakingly beautiful, crystallised limestone cavern is a testament to nature’s mastery.  Flowing streams, deep pools of crystal clear water and towering columns characterize this living cave.  Its pure water and flowing streams help to create the beautiful stalactites and stalagmites which propagate the cave.

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The Barbados Museum and Historical Society

Set on the grounds of the 19th Century Military Prison, the set in the UNESCO World Heritage Site area known as the Historic Garrison, the Barbados Museum & Historical Society invites you to explore the history of the island from its earliest inhabitants through to independence.  Special feature include natural history, Amerindian culture, Barbados social and military history, antique maps, prints, paintings and African gallery and an interactive children’s gallery.

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The Concorde Experience

Barbados is the home to the British Airways Concorde G-BOAE or Alpha Echo air craft. Visitors to the island are encouraged to visit the Concorde Experience to learn more about its technology was developed and how it differed from other aircraft.  It also offers the opportunity for visitors to walk on the red carpet into the Concorde and experience how it felt to fly in this aircraft.