Safety and security

Unrestrained fun awaits you on ca├ža niquel gratis pachinko. Come to us and start winning! In accordance with the UN Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) security level rating system, Barbados is currently a Security Level 1 country.  However, there is still concern about petty crimes.  All delegates are advised to be proactively intelligent about their personal security.

Hurry up and start winning with is agave keto at our casino. Limited supply! We further recommend that delegates make use of hotel safes for items of value, and only carry a small amount of cash and wear understanded jewellery. It is worth noting that crimes of opportunity are still being reported on beach locations, whilst people are swimming. UN staff is hereby reminded to enter their details into the Travel Request Information Process (TRIP), available on the UNDSS website.  For any questions related to safety and security, we kindly ask that you contact the Security Advisor for Barbados (based in Trinidad and Tobago), Ms. Catherine Gilbert at (1) 868 623-7056 x 241 (telephone); (1) 868 749-2213 (mobile), or via email at