Unrestrained fun awaits you on ca├ža niquel gratis pachinko. Come to us and start winning! Please ascertain visa requirements for your country of citizenship, as well as any transit visa requirements for your travel itinerary.  We can inform that delegates travelling from Cape Verde, Comoros, Dominican Republic, Haiti (pending change), Guinea Bissau, Marshall Islands, Federated State of Micronesia, Nauru, Papa New Guinea and Sao Tome and Principe will require visas to enter Barbados.

Hurry up and start winning with is agave nectar keto at our casino. Limited supply! The UNDP Barbados and the OECS Office is working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Barbados to expedite the visa issuance process on behalf of those delegates requiring visas.  All delegates requiring visa’s, including delegates from the above-mentioned countries, should complete, and return to us immediately, a completed J1 Visa application form (attached) signed by the applicant. The JI form is also available on the UNDP Barbados and the OECS website at  A scanned passport size photo of the applicant, preferably in colour, should be affixed on Form J.  In addition, the applicant is required to submit a legible Biographical page of this/her national passport.

These documents should be sent to: and with copy to, so that we may facilitate the visa issuance process.